Stripping, scrubbing, polishing machines and a complete range of Twintec mains and battery scrubber dryers.


Heavy-duty Hi-Cool long-life motor provides power and performance to ensure professional cleaning results, whilst the extra operating features make this machine perhaps one of the most user friendly, hard working professionals in the floorcare business.

The NuSpeed 1500 is a new generation of floor maintenance machines which is only made possible by a new drive system introducing a dramatic 50% increase in power output.

The unique NuSpeed design concept means that for a machine of such compact proportions, an increase to 40kg in the operating weight can be achieved within the standard specification, with an optional additional 10kg if required… it has the power and weight that do the work and produce the results.

Equipped as standard with performance enhancing ATC (Automatic Torque Control), a unique system that monitors operation and boosts torque, as required, to provide consistent performance under varying load conditions.


Brush: 450 mm

Cleaning Range: 32 m

Deck Size: 450 mm

Dimensions: 460 x 580 x 1250mm

Motor Power: 1500 W

Speed: 150 rpm

Vacuum: Optional NDT130

Weight: 40 kg


HNS1550G/HNS 130 Dustrol Kit

A new member of the Hurricane family designed to allow for effortless performance at higher burnishing speeds.

When size and weight are a factor the HNS offers the ideal balance. A compact yet powerful machine with supreme maneuverability. If you want stunning results combined with effortless performance than this is the machine for you. The NuShine has complete directional control which means a consistently high standard of finish.

• Powerful Hi-Cool 1500W Motor - Heavy duty, long-life motor.
• Automatic Torque Control - Monitoring power and balance.
• Fully Adjustable Operator Handle - Easy to use and fully adjustable operator handle.
• Effortless - All direction control with superb maneuverability.
• Brush Pressure Monitor - Allowing you to be in control of the surface finish

   achieving optimum results with superior handling.



Motor: 1500W

Power: 230V AC 50Hz

Pad Size: 500 mm

Speed: 1500 rpm

Range: 32 m

Weight: 35 kg

Size: 560 x 740 x 1260mm



Mains power and performance and plenty of both, the outstanding specification of the TT4045G is, without doubt, to the highest standard both in terms of design and equally in terms of performance.

The big advantage of cable machines is the amazing power provided by mains operation, three times that of battery machines, and, due to the lack of costly batteries and 24V components, the machines are truly cost-effective, almost two for the price of one. Cable machines are used extensively in many industrial applications where floors are quite often rough and exceptionally dirty.

• TwinFlo Vacuum Motor - Provides exceptional wet pick-up.
• Structofoam Tilting Brush Deck - Making brush changes quick and simple.
• Planetary Gearbox - Longlife, oil filled, low load gearbox.
• Simple Control - Simple on / off trigger controls.
• Polyform Tanks -
Heavy-duty clean and dirty water tanks.
• Flexifill System - Easy filling and emptying system.
• Structofoam Chassis - Incredibly tough and chemical resistant

   molded chassis.



Capacity: 40 L

Brush: 450 mm

Pad Size: 400 mm

Power: 220-240V 50Hz

Brush Speed: 150 rpm

Brush Motor Power: 1500 W

Vacuum Motor Power: 1200 W

Range: 42 m

Weight: (Ready to use inc full tank) 107 kg

Size: 470x890x1100mm




Capacity: 40 L

Brush: 450 mm

Pad Size: 400 mm

Power: 2 x 12V (24V 100Ah)

Brush Speed: 100rpm

Brush Motor Power: 300 W

Vacuum Motor Power: 400 W

Run Time: 2.25 Hrs

Weight: (Ready to use inc full tank) 168 kg

Size: 470x1070x1160mm

The TGB4045 is the classic Numatic TwinTec 24V battery model. Features include a Structofoam tilting brush deck, polyform tanks, fully sealed gel batteries, built in battery charger, heavy duty TwinFlo wet pick-up vacuum system and heavy-duty geared brush drive.

• Fully Sealed Gel Batteries - Maintenance-free batteries to ensure the highest

   standard of operational life.
• Twinflo Vacuum Motor - Provides exceptional wet pick up.
• Structofoam Tilting Brush Deck - Making brush and pad changing quick and easy.
• Easy Operation - Simple on / off trigger control.
• On-Board Charging - Convenient and easy, just plug and go.



CRG8055 / 120T


Brush Motor Power: 24V 600W W

Brush Speed: 150 rpm

Cleaning Speed: 4.2km/h

Dimensions: 805x1460x1160mm

Power: CRG-8055/120 = 2 X 12V (24V)

              = 120 Ahr, CRG-8055/100 = 2 X

              12V (24V) = 100 Ahr

Run Time: CRG-8055/120 = 3 Hrs,

                   CRG-8055/100 = 2 Hrs mins.

Scrub Width: 550 mm

Traction Drive: 24V 400 W

Vacuum Motor Power: 24V 400 W

Transit Speed: 0-6.0Km/hr

Water Capacity: 80L

Water Flow Rate: 0L-3L/min

Weight: Ready to use inc full tank) 100Ah

               = 268 kg, 120Ah = 280 kg

A new compact Ride-On absolutely bristling with practical innovation and user convenience. 

In truth, the CRG-8055 is competitive with most walk behinds of the same size. So now you can sit rather than walk and by virtue of the exceptional maneuverability, substantial time will be saved on middle size applications. 

The CRG-8055 also introduces the logic of two machines in place of something much bigger or, to put it another way, Two for the Price of One with added versatility and convenience. 

The CRG will go into places where bigger machines are not suitable and anything smaller is just too small.

• Compact Design - Means easy cleaning in tight spaces.
• Anti Tip System - Prevents the machine from tipping when cornering on full lock.
• On-Board Charging - Easy and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low

   maintenance Gel batteries.
• Flexifill System - Easy filling and emptying with the flexifill system.
• Easy Operator Control - With fully adjustable speed control.
• Safety Features - Emergency stop button, removable power off key, horn button

   and built-in hazard warning light are just a few of the safety features included.
• Easy Maintenance - Easy access to batteries and fuses for maintenance





Brush Motor Power: 600 (24V) W

Brush Speed: 150 rpm

Cleaning Speed: 3.5 km/h

Climbing Gradient: 11%

Dimensions: 1385 x 1752 x 948mm

Nuchem Capacity: Optional 4 L

Power: 6 x 12V (24V) = 300A/H

Run Time: 5.5 Hrs

Scrub Width: 720 (2x370mm) mm

Traction Drive: 700 W

Transit Speed: 6.0 km/h

Vacuum Motor Power: 400 (24V) W

Weight: 622 kg

Water Capacity: 120L

Water Flow Rate: 0-3.5 L/min

Providing cordless convenience with longer runtime and 720mm scrub width and on-board charging system. Designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in, day out, with powerful and professional results, whatever the environment.

The TRG720 is based on the well-established engineering of the Vario model, but simplified to provide a truly professional, cost effective workhorse. You can vary the water flow and the operating speed to suit a whole host of conditions from large, lightly-soiled areas, to heavy-duty scrubbing in more arduous conditions.

Smooth acceleration/deceleration, slow start/stop and auto slow-down features all provide for enhanced drivability, manoeuvrability and safety. Simple, colour-coded operator controls provide for complete ease of use. With a commanding operator driving position, front wheel traction drive, a magnificent turning circle and one pass performance, the TRG720 ensures you get the standard you want, exactly when you want it… and fast.

When it comes to machine maintenance, the brush deck sensor offers a non-mechanical contact solution, positioned to improve accuracy and provide easy access for servicing. With easy access for installation and maintenance of brushes, batteries and fuses.

Safety features include emergency stop button, power off removable key and hazard warning light, just to name a few. Fully adjustable water flow rate gives the user more control when cleaning. Other features include ground strip to prevent static build-up, 720mm twin brush power head cleaning system and 140A traction controller for enhanced traction.